welcome to Designer Tunes

and the music of Daniel Sutton

For a complete list of concert works, please go to Concert Music.

Located in the center of Berlin, Designer Tunes contains a state of the art facility with which I score for international Film, Television, and Multimedia productions.  Designer Tunes provides both acoustic and computer based music preparation and recording in a comfortable, creative work environment.

The studio contains a full range of digital samplers and synthesizers, a Samsung monitoring system and SMPTE and video synchronization for recordings in a wide variety of formats.   It is designed for composing, arranging, orchestrating, music editing and engraving.  Also available is a complete sound studio with audio and video feeds for recording live musicians.

If you are interested in original music for your project, please feel free to contact me.  Be sure to let me know as much about your project as possible, including any specific musical styles or ideas you are looking for.  Have a listen to some clips of some of my film scores.  If you are looking for a style of music, which is not included in my sound clips, please ask about other musical styles in which I write.  Although informative, my sound clips include only a small percent of styles with which I work.  In certain situations, I can provide a custom demo, which can be tailored to exactly what you may be looking for.

Film scores

The Whole World is a Stage (2007), Mini Pictures, mixed

Opening Night (2007):  Robert Ford Film, Drama-Noir

(2006) Aspiration Films, rock/funk

A Small Place (2003):  Mini Pictures, jazz

Anomalie (2001):  Jens Boeck,  string ensemble with piano

Cupid's Face (2002):   Jazz/Blues

The Blue Rose (2000):  Stephanie Muller, chamber music

666 (1999):  Jens Boeck:  Berlin Germany, electronic